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2018 NFPA79 Requirements: Are Your VFD Cables Compliant?

The latest version of NFPA79 establishes very specific wire and cable requirements for VFD applications in an effort to accumulate the decades of industry experience into a wire and cable design document. ServiceDrive® VFD Cable designs have always met the New 2018 NFPA79 cable requirements.  Read More...
Lee PerryPublished September 2018 by:

Lee Perry
Engineering Manager at Service Wire Company


How Reel Return Can Reduce Disposal Costs and Your Environmental Impact

Reel disposal can be a real hassle – with significant costs. To expand the Service that our customers depend on, Service Wire is proud to announce our Reel Return Program – a FREE service to help our customers manage the disposal of wood reels. Just call your Service Wire representative with the pickup site contact information, size of reels and number of reels  Read More...
Mary Brown
Published August 2018 by:

Mary Brown
Marketing Manager at Service Wire Company






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