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Service Wire Award-Winning Brands



Service Wire Award-Winning Brands

We offer an array of award-winning brands developed by listening to the needs of our customers. From single conductors to VFD solutions, we have a product line designed for nearly every application and budget.

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ServiceGUARD Application

Ultimate Protection.

Power cables with ultimate protection—2kV rated RHW-2, 2kV rated PV cable, and 1kV/2kV rated RWU90.

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ServicePRO-X No Lubrication Required

No Lubricant Required.

Our line of enhanced surface crosslink insulation does not require pulling lubricant.

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ServiceDRIVE Application

Drive Performance.

Maximize the life of your drives with the only complete solution for common issues associated with VFD applications.

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ServiceTECK Teck90 Application

Tough Enough.

Our line of Teck90 designed cable is tough enough for the harshest environments.

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ServiceSOLAR Application

Everything Under the Sun.

Meet the increasing demand for solar applications with high quality photovoltaic wire and cable.

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ServicePLEX Application

Pull Ahead.

An assembly of quality single conductors twisted to create a consistent, uniform construction—reducing setup time, cost, and scrap.

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EnviroPlus Protection

Protect What's Important.

The original full wall, low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) cable ensures safety in case of fire.


ServiceCPE Application

Not Just a Jacket.

When you need more from your jacket, turn to CPE for added protection.


RainbowWire Application

This Rainbow Won't Fade.

Rainbow-colored submersible pump cable fused in flat configuration that won't chip or rub.




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