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Brand loyalty comes from listening to customers – and developing solutions to meet their needs.

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Drive Performance.

The only complete solution for common issues associated with VFD applications.

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No Lubricant Required.

Enhanced surface cross-link insulation, does not require pulling lubricant.

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Ultimate Protection.

2kV Rated RHH/RHW-2, 1kV/2kV Rated RWU90, and 2kV Rated PV Cable.

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Everything Under the Sun.

Meeting the increasing demand for solar applications with high quality photovoltaic wire and cable.

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Pull Ahead.

Twisted conductors create a consistent, uniform construction – reducing set-up time, cost and scrap.

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Tough Enough.

Service Wire's line of Teck90 designed cable - it's as tough as they come.

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This Rainbow Won't Fade.

Colored insulated conductors that will not chip or rub.


Protect What's Important.

The original full wall, Limited Smoke, Zero Halogen (LSZH) cable ensures safety in case of fire.


Not Just a Jacket.

When you need more from your jacket and are looking for added protection.




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