Wire and Cable Solutions for Utility Applications

Whether it’s control, direct burial, grounding, or riser, we have the right cable to suit your substation and energy distribution applications. Our On-Demand Cable Management reduces on-site stock, and our network of nationwide manufacturing and distribution locations allow one- to two-day delivery across the US. We also offer true 24-Hour Emergency Service when you need it most. Let us show you our power. Contact a representative today.


Our high-performance XLPE insulated cable offers improved electrical and physical resistance. In smart-grid applications, shielded control cables resist EMF, ambient corona, and other electrical phenomena that can cause interruptions in electrical service. Available in shielded/non-shielded, tinned, and K1 or K2 color code constructions with overall PVC, ServiceCPE®, or EnviroPlus® (LSZH) jacket.


Our line wire’s weatherproofing provides years of uninterrupted service, and our copper conductors have the highest conductivity for power distribution. Soft, medium-hard, or hard drawn, solid or stranded copper available in #6 AWG through 1000 Kcmil.


High molecular weight covering (HWM-PE) limits faults due to atmospheric conditions, vibrations, and faulting caused by incidental contact with wildlife or tree limbs. Superior resistance to moisture, corrosion, and UV breakdown. Available in #8 AWG through #2 AWG, solid or stranded copper.


Our thermoset products are made with XLPE insulation for added protection. XHHW-2 can be used to power distribution and branch feeder circuits installed in conduit or cable tray, and USE-2 can be directly buried in the earth or encased in concrete. Available in #14 AWG through 1000 Kcmil, CT rated, 600V/1kV copper in all industry stranded colors.


Typically used for grounding requirements for generation plants, distribution systems, transmission towers, and substations. Soft, medium-hard, or hard drawn solid or stranded copper available in 25-pound distributor packs, bulk reels, and custom put-ups.


Wire and Cable Utility Selection Guide - Illustration of applications


Direct electrical connection to earth

Direct Burial Cable is buried directly underground and requires added physical protection
Low Voltage Power & Control 600V power and control cable for Meter Loops, PT/CT enclosures, substation equipment, and generating substations
Circuit Control Generating and substation applications
Overhead Distribution Overhead distribution lines, where the added conductivity of copper is advantageous
Secondary Energy Distribution Distribution of secondary energy to residential or commercial load
Risers on Transformers Overhead pole-mount transformers


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