Flat Yellow | Flat Striped Pump Cable Product of the Month

Landscape Lighting | July Product of the Month

Service Wire Academy

Produt of the Month: Tray Cable – over 140 types in stock

Wire and Cable for Service Wire Canada

Striped & Sturdy:
Flat Yellow
Pump Cable

Need a sturdy flat pump cable that won't break the bank? Flat Yellow offers extra abrasion protection, ensuring the job is done right.

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American Made
Lighting Cable

Supplier running dry? Make the switch to Service Wire. Our cable is the real deal—100% American made quality. Stocked and contractor ready. 

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New Course:
Introduction to
VFD Cable

Learn what to look for when specifying VFD cable systems in our latest training module from Service Wire Academy.

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The Complete VFD Solution:

Looking to maximize VFD life & performance? Check out the ServiceDrive® VFD Cable System, the only complete solution proven to eliminate common VFD issues.

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Solutions Specified to
North American Standards

We have the c(UL) options you need. Shop in stock tray cable or create a customized cable to your exact specification.

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Reliable, independent
wire manufacturer.

Copper Line Break

Since 1968, we've built a reputation for safely manufacturing high-quality wire and cable, delivering industry-leading service levels, and creating shared sustainable growth for employees and partners.



We're Hiring

Time to Start Your New Career.
We're always looking for top talent to join our team. We have openings in sales, manufacturing, and distribution.


Proud History

Proud History, Bright Future.
With over 50 years under our belt, we are an experienced wire and cable manufacturer heading toward a bright future.


White QuotationsService Wire has always been exceptional to work with–you can always depend on them.


White QuotationsTough to find any manufacturer better for support, service, inventory and quality of products.

In the NEWS

tED Magazine Best of the Best Marketing Award

Service Wire Recognized with Marketing Award 

Service Wire Co. has been named a “Best of the Best” winner in the annual marketing competition sponsored by tED Magazine. The company won a marketing award in the brand awareness category and received an honorable mention for their COVID-19 public relations efforts.

Bare (Solid and Stranded) and Tinned (Solid and Stranded) Copper Wire

Kerith Richards Named "30 Under 35" 

Service Wire is proud to announce that Kerith Richards has been selected as one of tED Magazine’s prestigious “30 Under 35” winners. Kerith represents some of the best and brightest in the electrical industry today.

Pump Product of the Month - Flat Yellow

Flexible Protection with Flat Yellow Pump Cable

Affordable pump cable suitable for use in the well casing where flexibility during installation and operation are required.

Roland Romeros

Roland Romeros Joins Service Wire 

Roland Romeros has joined Service Wire Co. as Regional Sales Manager in the Houston sales office.

Rainbow Wire

Fast & Easy Phase ID with Rainbow Wire®

Service Wire’s flat submersible pump cable, Rainbow Wire®, eliminates the stress of checking striped conductors for proper phase identification.

Erika Hernandez

Erika Hernandez Joins Service Wire 

Erika Hernandez has joined Service Wire Co. as a Sales Representative, where she will be responsible for working with the pump and irrigation distributors and manufacturers’ representatives.

May 2021 Product of the Month | Tray Cable

Over 140+ Tray Cable Options in Stock

Service Wire stocks over 140 variations of tray cable, ensuring you have the options you need. This cable can be used for power, lighting, control, and more.

April 2021 Product of the Month | Feeder MC Armored Cable

Feeder MC Offers Cost Savings

The rising price and limited availability of conduit can have a strong impact on a contractor’s profitability. Service Wire’s Feeder MC is the cost-effective alternative contractors need to compete in the post-pandemic market.

April 2021 Product of the Month | Twisted THW Pump Cable

Twisted Submersible Pump Cable

Service Wire’s Twisted THW is the go-to submersible pump cable for everyday applications.


Service Wire Product Catalog


View our product catalog to see our full line of wire and cable solutions.


ServicePlex Prefab Twisted Conductors


Pull Ahead with Prefab Cable.
An assembly of quality single conductors twisted to create a uniform construction—reducing setup time, cost, and scrap.

ServiceDrive VFD Cable System


Drive Performance.
Maximize the life of your drives with the only complete solution for common issues associated with VFD applications.

ServicePro-X Single Conductors


No Lubricant Required.
Our line of enhanced surface crosslink insulation does not require pulling lubricant. Available #6 AWG and larger.

Rainbow Wire | Flat Colored Pump Cable


These Colors Won't Fade.
Rainbow-colored submersible pump cable fused in a flat configuration that won't chip or fade.

ServiceGuard 2kV Single Conductors


Ultimate Protection.
Power cables with ultimate protection—2kV rated RHW-2, 2kV rated PV cable, and 1kV/2kV rated RWU90.

EnviroPlus Low Smoke Zero Halogen Jacket


Protect What Matters.
The original full wall, low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) cable ensures safety in case of fire.




Industry-Leading SERVICES

Cable Management

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Lock in pricing and ensure product availability for the duration of your job with inventory management.

Emergency Service

Emergency Service Icon - Homepage

When you need wire and cable fast, call on Service Wire. We offer true, 24/7 emergency service, 365 days a year.

Quality Systems

Quality Systems Icon - Homepage

Excellence is at the core of everything we do—from the raw, made in North America materials to our stringent in-house testing.



Contractor checking for cable faults with megger

How Can I Prevent Cable Faults During Installation?

Even the smallest nick in a cable’s insulation during a pull can lead to outer sheath damage and a short circuit fault. Cables that won’t meg properly will need to be completely replaced to resolve the issue. Instead, learn how you can prevent cable faults during installation.


Why Specify VFD Cable

Specifying the Right Cable System for VFD Applications

Motor bearing failure, stray current, EMI, cable failure...selecting the wrong VFD cable system can spell disaster for your critical drive applications. To avoid costly downtime, diagnosis, and repair, start by selecting the right VFD cable system. Read our Customer Q&A article to learn more.


THHN vs. XHHW: What's the Difference - Multiple colored single conductors

THHN vs. XHHW-2: What's the Difference?

Thermoset XLPE insulation is superior to the thinner PVC insulation used in thermoplastic products (like THHN/THWN-2). Learn more about the differences between THHN and XHHW-2.




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