Service Isn't Just Something We Do—It's Who We Are

From manufacturing to distribution and sales, our reputation for service is reflected in our dedication to the highest quality standards in the industry. Our culture of listening to customers’ needs first—backed by our experienced and reliable team—ensures the right products are delivered on time, creating long lasting partnerships and repeat business.

We manufacture a broad range of electrical wire and cable available for immediate shipment out of our industry-leading inventory or made-to-order. Our short lead times and low minimums make us the premier choice for custom solutions, and our engineering and support team are equipped with the knowledge and experience to ensure you get a solution as unique as your need.

Serious About Service.

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Emergency Service

We've got you covered when you need it most – with around-the-clock manufacturing and distribution from all of our locations (WV, TX, AZ), 365 days a year.

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Cable Management

Cable Management ensures product availability for the duration of the project, delivered at the time of installation.

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Reel Return

Reduce your disposal costs – as well as your environmental impact. This FREE service helps customers manage the disposal cost of wood reels.

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Compartmental Reels

For quick orders that require multiple cuts, Compartmental Reels are a great solution.

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Pulling Heads

Add factory-installed pulling heads for even faster setup and increased productivity.

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