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Wire and Cable for Industrial Applications


Wire and Cable Solutions for Industrial Applications

Refineries, automotive, petrochemical, pulp and paper—you name it. Our strength in the industrial market is backed by our superior manufacturing, fully stocked warehouse capacity, and unrivaled On-Demand Cable Management. We maintain large inventories and have complete cutting capabilities, which allow for same-day shipment and true 24-Hour Emergency Service. Our wire and cable solutions are specifically designed to meet the demands of harsh environments.


Insulated with thermoset moisture and heat resistant, chemically crosslinked polyethylene, ServiceGuard® power cables provide the ultimate protection for your critical applications. Available in 2kV RHW-2 and 1kV/2kV RWU90 for industrial power.


Our tray cable is UL dual rated 600V/1kV for added protection of critical circuits at risk for potential voltage spikes. Available in XHHW-2 or RW90 with overall PVC, ServiceCPE®, or EnviroPlus® (LSZH) jacket, tinned or non-tinned, shielded or non-shielded.


Our metal-clad (MC) cable is made of interlocked aluminum or galvanized steel, offering all of the required protection for industrial applications without the need for conduit. Interlocked armor provides higher mechanical protection and durability and is more flexible than conduit or even CCW, ensuring damage will not affect the inner conductors.


The ServiceDrive® VFD Cable System is the only proven solution for common issues associated with variable frequency drive applications. The complete system includes cable, self-terminating connectors, and termination kits. Available in tray and armor constructions.

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