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Service Wire's Free Reel Return Program



Reduce Disposal Costs with Free Reel Return

Service Wire is now offering Reel Return, a free service to help our customers manage the disposal cost of wood reels. The reels you return don’t have to be in pristine condition—scuffs, scratches, dents, and weathered surfaces are acceptable.

We’ll pick up and recycle reels for free. To schedule a pickup, just call your representative with the pickup site contact information, size of reels, and number of reels available for pickup. 

Our recycled reels are even better the second time around. Identifiable by their green color, refurbished reels are made to the same specification as new reels.


To be useable, reels must meet the following standards:

  • Reel must be made of nailed wood with 30"-72" flange
  • Arbor hole cannot be damaged and drive holes cannot be torn out
  • Service Wire labeled reels only (includes compartmental reels)
  • Lumber must be sound without rot or excess deterioration
  • Flanges cannot be visibly warped or have broken boards
  • Boards with broken edges through one ply only are still acceptable
  • At least 75% of stave boards around the drum must be intact

Call toll-free 844-523-7334 to
schedule FREE Reel Pickup.

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Reel Pickup Map

Available in Continental US Only – 30"-72" Reels

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