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From our full line of colored XHHW-2 to Feeder MC, ServicePLEX®, and Bare Copper, we have the cost- and labor-saving wire and cable products you need. Order from our industry-leading inventory or ask your rep about our made-to-order solutions.


When you need quality cable fast, call on Service Wire. We maintain large inventories, have complete cutting capabilities, and our three manufacturing and distribution facilities are strategically located for one- to two-day delivery nationwide. 




Wire and Cable for EV Charging Stations

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White QuotationsMeeting my expectations is tough. Service comes through time after time. Products and services are always top notch.


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Ease of doing business is exceptional and they typically have product in stock when requesting.


Bare (Solid and Stranded) and Tinned (Solid and Stranded) Copper Wire


Solid or Stranded

#16 AWG - 750 Kcmil
Soft, Medium Hard, or Hard Drawn
Tinned or Non-Tinned

Building Wire and Cable for Heavy Commercial Applications


No Pulling Lubricant Required
(#6 AWG and Larger)

  • XHHW-2 600V/1kV Copper
  • USE-2 or RHW-2 600V/1kV Copper
  • RHW-2 or RW90 1kV/2kV Copper

#14 AWG - 750 Kcmil
Tinned Conductors
VW-1 Rated
Wide Range of Colors

ServicePLEX prefab, twisted single conductor building wire


Prefab Twisted Single Conductors

  • XHHW-2 600V/1kV Copper
  • USE-2 or RHW-2 600V/1kV Copper

#14 AWG - 750 Kcmil
2-7 Conductors
Built-In Grounds
Pre-Installed Pulling Heads
Wide Range of Colors

Shielded and Non-Shielded Dual Rated 600V/1kV AAP Tray Cable


TC-ER Rated

  • XHHW-2 Inner Conductors
    Colored, Numbered, or Striped Conductor

Dual Rated 600V/1kV or 2kV
#14 AWG - 750 Kcmil
2-37 Conductors
Tinned or Non-Tinned
Shielded or Non-Shielded
PVC, ServiceCPE®, or EnviroPLUS® Jacket

Aluminum or Galvanized Steel Interlocked Armor (AIA) Feeder MC (Metal-Clad) Cable


Flexible Interlocked MC (UL 1569)

  • XHHW-2 Inner Conductors
    Colored, Numbered, or Striped Conductors

#8 AWG - 600 Kcmil
2-4 Conductors
120V and 480V Color Codes
50% Ground
PVC, ServiceCPE®, or EnviroPLUS® Jacket

Tray and Armor Variable Frequency Drive Cable - ServiceDRIVE VFD Cable System


VFD Cable System

  • VFD Tray/Power Cable
    600V/1kV or 2kV Copper
  • VFD Jacketed Armor
    2kV Copper

#14 AWG - 750 Kcmil
PVC, ServiceCPE®, or EnviroPLUS® Jacket


Industry-Leading SERVICES

Cable Management

Cable Management Icon - Commercial

Lock in pricing and ensure product availability for the duration of your job with inventory management.

Same-Day Shipping

Same Day Shipping Icon - Commercial

Our prepackaged reels ship same-day from our industry-leading inventory for one- to two-day delivery.

Emergency Service

Emergency Service Icon - Commercial

We offer full manufacturing and distribution emergency service 24/7,
365 days a year. 





Preinstalled pulling heads on single conductors or ServicePLEX twisted conductors

Pulling Heads

Pull a fast one with preinstalled pulling heads on your next order.


Compartmental Reels with multiple, colored single conductors

Compartmental Reels

For quick orders that require multiple cuts, compartmental reels are a great solution.


Barrel Packs with circuit size single conductors wire and cable

Barrel Packs

Bulk lengths of circuit size conductors are available in barrel packs.


Lagged Reels for extra protection and damage-free delivery

Lagged Reels

Reduce the chance of damage during transit with lagged reels.





Service Wire one- and two-day delivery map

Dependable DELIVERY

With three manufacturing and distribution facilities across the country, we are strategically located to serve your commercial projects with one- to two-day delivery to most locations nationwide.


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  • Always helpful, quick, and the people we work with are very knowledgeable.
  • Communication is outstanding, as is customer service. Competitive price, inventory, and delivery have all been excellent.
  • Deep inventory, good prices, great delivery.
  • Meeting my expectations is tough enough. Service Wire comes through time after time. Product and service are always top notch.
  • No matter the order, Service Wire's wire and cable has shipped either on or before stated. The customer service is top notch. Never had an issue with their wire, ever.
  • Pricing in a timely fashion. Reels all labelled properly and delivered on time.
  • Quick quote and order turnaround, exceptional wire knowledge, and the Service Wire team is very professional.
  • Great company...been a customer for 35 years!
  • Service Wire has always been exceptional to work with, you can always depend on them.
  • Service Wire has been really good to deal with in demanding and unusual times. Our agent is also really good.
  • Things are done on time and often very competitive. Makes my job much easier.
  • Always go above and beyond to meet the requirements of the customer.
  • Ease of doing business is exceptional and typically have product in stock when requesting.
  • Excellent service and representation. Fast factory shipments.
  • Good, solid supplier for us. We know we can count on Service Wire when we need them.


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