Wire and Cable for Heavy Commercial Applications



Wire and Cable Solutions for Commercial Applications

We specialize in time- and cost-saving solutions. From our full line of colored XHHW-2 to feeder MC and bare copper, we have what you need and can get it on site fast. Our On-Demand Cable Management ensures product availability and delivery for the duration of your project, and our Emergency Service has you covered 24/7. Let us help keep your business on the rise.  Contact a representative today.


Our XHHW-2 is a thermoset product made with XLPE insulation, instead of PVC (THHN/THWN-2). It is more resistant to chemicals and abrasions and far less toxic in the event of a fire. Available in #14 AWG through 1000 Kcmil, CT Rated, 600V/1kV copper, tinned or VW-1 in all industry standard colors with overall PVC, ServiceCPE®, or EnviroPlus® (LSZH) jacket.


Our brand of prefab cable, ServicePlex® is an assembly of quality thermoset single conductors twisted together to create a consistent, uniform construction on one reel for faster installation and lower operating costs. Available in XHHW-2 and USE-2/RHW-2 with striped or colored conductors for easy phase identification.


Metal-clad (MC) constructions are a cost-effective alternative to traditional pipe and wire, offering significant savings by eliminating the need for conduit and the labor required for installation. Contractors who use type MC report up to 75% combined labor and material savings versus traditional pipe and wire.

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