ServiceDrive VFD Cable System Application



ServiceDrive® Protects Against Costly Downtime, Diagnosis, and Repair

Maximize the life and performance of your critical drive systems today with the only complete solution for variable frequency drive applications. The ServiceDrive® VFD Cable System consists of cable, self-terminating connectors, and termination kits. Available in tray and interlocked armor constructions, #14 AWG – 750 Kcmil, dual rated 600V/1kV or 2kV copper with overall PVC or ServiceDrive Plus® (Factory Mutual Group 1 LSZH) jacket. Contact a representative today.

Common Issues Associated with VFDs

The ServiceDrive® VFD Cable System is the ultimate solution for protecting against costly downtime, diagnosis, and repair caused by common issues associated with variable frequency drives, including electromagnetic interference (EMI), premature cable failure, stray currents, and motor bearing failure.


VFDs inherently generate more EMI that gets radiated into the environment. The EMI emitted from the power cable can induce voltages, currents, or crosstalk onto adjacent cables, which is potentially dangerous to surrounding equipment.
SOLUTION: ServiceDrive® uses a 5-mil copper tape shield with 50% overlap to ensure full containment, reducing EMI emissions from the cable.


Thermoplastic insulation, like THHN, cannot withstand the voltage spikes associated with VFDs, resulting in hotspots and pinholes in the insulation and arcing across wires.
SOLUTION: ServiceDrive® uses NFPA 79 compliant thermoset (XLPE) insulation, which better resists the elevated temperatures generated when voltage stresses are high.


Common-mode stray currents occur when current is unintentionally induced into the grounding system or other unintended conductors instead of being contained inside the cable and off the ground path. This can cause unwanted issues with control systems and mechanical parts, significantly affecting reliability and performance.
SOLUTION: The complete ServiceDrive® System provides the best low impedance path and addresses the effect of common-mode stray current to the drive, motors, and electronic equipment within proximity of the drive system.


Stray currents traveling through the motor create pits and fluting in the motor bearing raceway. Once this starts, it is self-perpetuating, substantially shortening the lifespan of the motor and ultimately resulting in premature motor failure.
SOLUTION: Because the stray currents in the grounding system are reduced, ServiceDrive® minimizes bearing failure due to common-mode stray current and intermittent trips or damage to sensitive electronic equipment.

ServiceDrive VFD Self-Terminating Connectors: Direct Wiring, Liquid Tight, NPT Conduit, and Interlocked Armor (Jacketed MC)

ServiceDrive® Complete Solution

The ServiceDrive® VFD Cable System is designed to reduce EMI emissions from the cable, provide a low impedance return path, and reliably withstand high voltage spikes. Independent laboratory and field-testing by prominent end users have proven that our design is the best solution available. ServiceDrive® and ServiceDrive Plus® are the engineer’s choice.

When specifying the ServiceDrive® VFD Cable System, don't forget the connectors. The ServiceDrive® System now includes self-terminating connectors for direct wiring, liquidtight, NPT conduit, and interlocked armor installations. These patented connectors are key to unlocking the full benefits of the complete ServiceDrive® System, protecting drives, motors, bearings, and surrounding equipment.

EC&M Product of the Year Silver Winner: ServiceDrive Terminating Connectors

Chart illustrating ServiceDrive's performance in "Evaluation of Motor Power Cables for PWM AD Drives"


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