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Wrigley Field



PROJECT: Wrigley Field Renovations


Opportunities sometimes come disguised as problems. Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, was undergoing a $575 million renovation, and several electrical contractors were working to get it completed before Opening Day. 

Chris Paddock, Branch Manager of Crescent Electrical Supply Company, called Service Wire with a big problem—the wire he ordered from a (lower-priced) competitor had quality issues, and replacement product couldn’t be delivered to the contractor (ABCO Electric) by the installation date. This was a hard deadline, and it was only three days away. Any delays might mean the ballpark wouldn’t be ready for the Cubs’ home opener against the Cincinnati Reds. 

Chris needed a rush order of 600 Kcmil XHHW-2. At that time, Service Wire didn’t stock 600 Kcmil XHHW-2 in the colors (red, white, and blue) the customer needed because they were so infrequently ordered. Fulfilling this request would mean custom manufacturing 7,000 feet of cable in less than 24 hours.

Service Wire stepped up to the plate. An order was placed at the Culloden factory, and the wire was manufactured, cut, and shipped the next day. 

By listening to customers' needs, Service Wire is prepared for emergency requests, specialty constructions, and changes to inventory—red, white, and blue XHHW-2 is now stocked in all sizes. 


"We were one could help us meet that deadline except Service Wire."

- Chris Paddock
  Crescent Electric Supply Co.



XHHW-2 CT Rated 600V Copper


CT Rated
  • 600 Volt Copper








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