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PROJECT: Brewing Company

A brewing company in the Carolinas was having a recurring problem with a single 25-horsepower motor prematurely failing on its conveyor system. After shutting the line down to replace the motor for the seventh time, the manufacturer’s maintenance group needed to know the cause of the motor failure.

A mechanical engineer determined that the shaft was correctly aligned, there was no vibration, and the motor was properly greased. The team then turned to an electrical engineer to inspect the variable frequency drive (VFD). He determined that the recurring motor failure was caused by high frequency common-mode or stray currents affecting the motor bearings.

After reviewing the engineer’s diagnosis, Service Wire’s Vice President, Gary Morrison recommended the ServiceDrive® VFD Cable System as a simple solution.

The brewing company determined in a cost-analysis that prior to ServiceDrive®, the soft costs associated with finding and fixing the complication and the downtime of replacing the motor had been in excess of a million dollars.

Not all problems require million-dollar solutions. By investing a couple thousand dollars in Service Wire’s patented VFD tray cable system, the motor bearing failure was eliminated.

The ServiceDrive® VFD Cable System is the ultimate solution for issues commonly associated with VFD applications. Ensure peak performance for critical operations today with the very best in VFD drive protection.


Not all problems require million-dollar solutions. For a fraction of the cost of diagnosis and downtime, ServiceDrive® eliminates motor bearing failure.

ServiceDrive® VFD Cable System

VFD Tray Cable RHW-2/PVC, Shielded


Maximize the life and performance of your critical drive systems with the only complete solution for variable frequency drive (VFD) applications.





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