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Fall River



PROJECT: Fall River Foundry


Fall River Foundry in Fall River, WI, was faced with a dilemma when building its 80,000-square-foot addition for new robotics—the existing utility transformers were on one side of the building and the new distribution gear was on the complete opposite side.

After analyzing the problem, Fall River Foundry determined it was more cost effective to run new feeders in tray from one end of the plant to the other rather than setting new transformers and paying to set new poles and incoming powerlines. They had a tight deadline as not to lose production time.

Service Wire’s 500 Kcmil ServicePlex® was the solution for the 380-foot parallel runs through tray.

The foundry’s in-house maintenance crew was shocked by how easily ServicePlex® was installed. The team actually finished the wire installation a week ahead of schedule. Instead of pulling one single 500 Kcmil feeder a time, they pulled the four conductor ServicePlex® four times faster, and it was already bundled to tie off in the tray.

ServicePlex® allowed them to easily drop out of the tray to the varying positions of the new robotics. Fall River Foundry has another group of robotics planned in the future, and they said that ServicePlex® is the only way to go.


"The foundry's in-house maintenance was shocked at the ease ServicePlex® installed and actually finished the wire installation a week ahead of schedule."

- Bruce Baldwin
  Business Development Manager



ServicePlex XHHW-2 600V/1kV Copper


  • 600/1,000 Volt Copper








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