ServicePlex® Pulls Like a Single Cable

ServicePlex® is an assembly of quality Service Wire conductors twisted together to create a consistent, uniform construction—effectively functioning as a prefab wire pull. This unique cost- and labor-saving solution has the engineered advantages contractors need for easier, faster pulls on the jobsite. Available in RW90 for standard commercial or industrial applications applications and RW90 1kV for direct burial with striped or colored conductors for easy phase identification. Contact a representative today.



ServicePlex® conductors have a unified outer diameter and twisted construction, resulting in less surface area of insulation in contact with the conduit or cable tray during a pull. This reduces the total required pulling tension and eliminates jamming from parallel pulls for easier installation.


Each ServicePlex® conductor is insulated with XLPE thermoset insulation that does not require pulling lubricant. It is more resistant to environmental breakdown and abrasions than cables that use PVC insulation.


ServicePlex® conductors reduce scrap (no long/short legs), as the conductors come out evenly at the back end of a pull. Additionally, multiple runs of the same cable construction can be on a single reel, reducing reel costs for storage, setup, and waste.


Our ISO certified quality assurance program and stringent in-house testing procedures ensure product condition and proper reel handling from start to finish. We test every reel leaving our warehouse, with certified test reports available to confirm the condition and quality of each order.

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"The pull is unbelievable...ten times more efficient than paralleled wire, from setup through installation."
—Construction Manager, Fisk Electric

"We made one pull from one reel with only one man to feed it into the conduit."
—Project Foreman, Summit Electric

"We would have spent a better part of the day setting up for individual reels. I will definitely use ServicePlex again on future projects."
—Project Foreman, Guarantee Electrical



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