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Service Wire Co. Expands Nationwide Sales Team

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CULLODEN, W.Va., Feb. 17, 2021 – Service Wire Co. hires Channon Miller as Sales Representative in Phoenix and expands Diego Valverde’s sales territories to better serve the commercial and industrial markets.

Channon Miller is now a Sales Representative out of the Phoenix sales office, where she will be responsible for commercial and industrial sales in Southern California, Wyoming and Colorado. Miller has over 24 years of wire and cable sales experience, working in both inside and outside sales roles. She brings extensive knowledge of military/aerospace wire and cable, along with exceptional customer service and account management skills.

Diego Valverde will assume the role of Sales Representative for Hawaii. He will continue to work with electrical distributors, contractors, engineers, and manufacturers’ representatives in Idaho, Northern California, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico. Valverde has been with Service Wire as a Sales Representative for over a year and has been extensively trained in the company’s products, capabilities and quality systems.



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Sales Representative

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Sales Representative


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