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Service Wire Joins Kanawha Valley FAME Chapter for Workforce Development

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CULLODEN, W.Va., Dec. 6, 2023 – Service Wire is partnering with the Kanawha Valley chapter of FAME (Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education), a national education program designed to develop and grow more high-quality manufacturing jobs. Service Wire has started recruiting for this program that will educate students about careers in advanced manufacturing practices and provide the opportunity to start a career with a quality, local manufacturer.

Service Wire has been proudly headquartered in Culloden, West Virginia, for over 55 years. While Service Wire has manufacturing facilities in Houston, Texas, and Phoenix, Arizona, the company is committed to investing in their West Virginia workforce for decades to come. “Bringing this type of on-the-job training is key to building our next generation”, said Trish Weisberg, Director of HR & Safety – Service Wire. “Joining the Kanawha Valley Chapter of FAME is a wonderful pathway for us to connect with students and provide quality livelihoods and lifelong manufacturing careers to our community.”

Putnam County Development Authority (PCDA) is working directly with Service Wire’s Culloden location to develop the pathway for full-time employment. “Putnam County Development Authority was thrilled to welcome Service Wire into our chapter for the summer 2024 recruitment class,” said Morganne Tenney, Executive Director, PCDA. “Service Wire’s involvement in this program allows for more students to be selected and receive paid, hands-on training for those interested in an advanced manufacturing career.”

The first round of interviews for Kanawha Valley FAME students was conducted in November of 2023, with a second round of interviews set for February 2024. Service Wire has committed to admitting two students for the initial class and hopes to bring on additional students for years to come. “What better way to start a great career where you live and work,” said Weisberg.




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