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Comex Close 05/09/17 is 2.49 Up .0045

We know the impact the fluctuating copper market has on purchasing decisions. For years, our customers have relied on our award-winning Daily Copper Close to keep up to date on the copper market.

Each daily email includes the amount of COMEX at market close for that day, the difference (+ or -) from previous close and a 7 day rolling history of COMEX closings at a glance.

Recent Closes:

 05/08/17          2.4855
 05/05/17          2.5195
 05/04/17          2.5020
 05/03/17          2.5330
 05/02/17          2.6250
 05/01/17          2.6500
 04/28/17          2.5965

Comex pricing information is supplied by a website not maintained by Service Wire Company. Service Wire Company assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of this information.
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