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Reel Return



How Service Wire's Reel Return Can Reduce Disposal Costs & Your Environmental Impact

Written August 2018 | Mary Brown, Marketing Manager at Service Wire Company

Reel disposal can be a real hassle – with significant costs.

To expand the Service that our customers depend on, Service Wire is proud to announce our Reel Return Program – a FREE service to help our customers manage the disposal of wood reels.

Our recycled reels are even better the second time around. Identifiable by their green color, refurbished reels are made to the same specification as new reels.

Reel Pickup is Available Nationwide

Pickup for partial truckloads available in many areas.

Reel Pickup Map


Just call your Service Wire representative with the pickup site contact information, size of reels and number of reels (in each size).

The returned reels don't have to be in pristine condition – scuffs, scratches, dents and weathered surfaces are acceptable. To be usable, reels must meet the following standards:

  • Reels must be made of nailed wood, with 30-96" flange.
  • Lumber must be sound (without rot or excessive deterioration).
  • Arbor hole cannot be damaged and drive holes cannot be torn out.
  • Service Wire labeled reels only.

Call toll-free 844-523-7334
to schedule
FREE Reel Pickup.


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