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50 Facts for 50 YEARS


How many registered trademarks does Service Wire currently hold? (Bonus if you can name them.)

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Question Posted: August 10th, 2018

What TV show debuted on CBS in our founding year, 1968, and is still on the air today?

ANSWER: The news magazine show, 60-Minutes, first aired in 1968 and is still on the air 50 years later.

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Question Posted: August 3rd, 2018

What is the name of Service Wire's current President and CEO?

ANSWER: Louis Weisberg, Service Wire's President and CEO, is also a second-generation employee.

Question Posted: July 27th, 2018

Who was the U.S. Vice President in 1968, Service Wire's founding year?

ANSWER: While Lyndon B. Johnson was the President of the United Stated in 1968, Hubert H. Humphrey was the Vice President.

Question Posted: July 20th, 2018

What year did Service Wire's Houston office open?

ANSWER: Service Wire began operations in Houston in 1980.

Question Posted: July 13th, 2018

What was the cost of a movie ticket in our founding year, 1968?

ANSWER: A ticket to see In the Heat of the Night, which won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1968, would have cost you $1.50.

Question Posted: July 6th, 2018

When did Service Wire launch the ServicePlex® brand of twisted single conductors?

ANSWER: The ServicePlex® brand was officially launched in 2013 as an alternative to paralleling, though we had been producing the product since 1968.

Question Posted: June 29th, 2018

What major monument was dedicated in St. Louis in 1968, our founding year?

ANSWER: The Gateway Arch, a 630-foot monument in St. Louis, MO was dedicated to the American people in 1968. It remains the world's tallest arch and has become an internationally recognized symbol of St. Louis.

Question Posted: June 18th, 2018

What year was the ServiceGUARD brand of 2kV power cables launched?

ANSWER: Service Wire's ServiceGUARD brand of 2kV power cables was launched in 2016.

Question Posted: June 15th, 2018

Who won the US Open Golf Tournament in our founding year, 1968?

ANSWER: In 1968, Lee Trevino won the US Open, four strokes ahead of runner-up Jack Nicklaus. The 1968 US Open was Trevino's first win on the PGA tour and the first of his sic major titles.

Question Posted: June 8th, 2018

Who won the NBA Championship in our founding year, 1968?

ANSWER: The 1968 NBA Championship Series pitted the Boston Celtics against the Los Angeles Lakers, with the Celtics defeating the Lakers in six games.

Question Posted: June 1st, 2018

What year did Service Wire launch the ServiceDrive® Cable System for VFD applications?

ANSWER: The ServiceDrive® brand was launched in 2007 for VFD applications, to address issues associated with drive performance and reliability. Find out more about ServiceDrive® >>

Question Posted: May 25th, 2018

What year was this image of our WV Sales Office featured in
Rod, Wire and Fastener magazine?

ANSWER: In April of 1982, Service Wire was featured in Rod, Wire and Fastener magazine. The article included this photo of our WV Sales Office. Recognize anyone? Read the complete article here >>

Question Posted: May 18th, 2018

What was the price of gasoline in 1968, the year Service Wire was founded?

ANSWER: In 1968, you could buy gasoline at 34¢ a gallon. Contrast that to today's average cost of $2.97!

Question Posted: May 10th, 2018

What year was Service Wire founded?

ANSWER: Service Wire was founded in 1968 - in an old furniture factory in Huntington, WV.

Question Posted: May 4th, 2018

What year was this photo featured in our direct mail campaign?

ANSWER: In 2002, our marketing campaign focused on our people. See the original mailer here >>

Question Posted: April 27th, 2018

What year did Service Wire begin producing trolley wire?

ANSWER: Service Wire began selling to the trolley market in 1978.

Question Posted: April 20th, 2018

Which Service Wire location was home to this uniquely-shaped guard shack?

Guard Shack

ANSWER: Our reel-shaped guard shack was a unique landmark at our corporate headquarters in Culloden, WV for many years. On November 8, 1990 a dedication was held for the structure. A plaque commemorating the event reads: Dedicated to Gussie "Momma" Weisberg, Simon Meyer and all those who strive for Freedom, Education and the American Dream.

Question Posted: April 13th, 2018

What was the price of copper in our founding year, 1968?

ANSWER: In 1968, you could buy copper at 41.17 cents per pound. Contrast that to yesterday's close of $3.128!

Question Posted: April 6th, 2018

In what year was ServiceDrive® VFD Cable System named
Product of the Year by EC&M Magazine?

ANSWER: ServiceDrive® was named Product of the Year by EC&M Magazine in 2007 – and was recognized as the best performing cable for VFD applications in an independent study (Bentley-Link White Paper).

Question Posted: March 30th, 2018

How many total Manufacturer's Rep Agencies represent Service Wire?

ANSWER: Service Wire is represented by nearly 60 Manufacturer's Reps in the Commercial, Industrial, Utility, Pump and Irrigation markets.

Question Posted: March 23rd, 2018

What percent of Service Wire shipments are delivered on time?

ANSWER: 99.9% of all Service Wire shipments are delivered on time.

Question Posted: March 16th, 2018

What year did Service Wire begin production operations in Houston, TX?

ANSWER: While our Houston location opened in 1980, production operations didn't begin until 1994.

Question Posted: March 9th, 2018

What was Service Wire's first registered trademark?

ANSWER: Service Wire's first registered trademark was EnviroPlus®, our Low Smoke, Zero Halogen jacket. Find out more about EnviroPlus® >>

Question Posted: March 2nd, 2018

How many items does Service Wire manufacture?

ANSWER: Service Wire's catalog includes more than 1,842 items. Impressive, considering we began with only a handful of products.

Question Posted: February 23rd, 2018

How many states in the US are Service Wire products sold in?

ANSWER: Service Wire products are sold in every one of the 50 states in the US, as well as all of the Canadian provinces and over 30 countries around the world.

Question Posted: February 16th, 2018

PHOTO TRIVIA: What product did this original equipment manufacture?

ANSWER: This machine manufactured twisted wire, then called "Tri-Plex" or "Quadra-Plex". Today, our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to produce ServicePlex® much faster! (see video below)

Question Posted: February 9th, 2018

What percentage of Service Wire products are Made in the USA?

ANSWER: 100% of Service Wire products for the electrical market are made in the USA.

Question Posted: February 2nd, 2018

How many countries are Service Wire products sold in?

ANSWER: Service Wire products are sold in over 30 counties worldwide.

Question Posted: January 26th, 2018

Service Wire manufactures single conductors in a wide array of colors.
Can you name the 10 industry-standard colors that we stock?

ANSWER: Service Wire can product insulated single conductors in a wide array of colors, and we stock 10 industry-standard colors. They are Brown, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Red, White, Purple, Black, Grey and Green.

Question Posted: January 19th, 2018

Service Wire facilities are strategically located in what three cities?

ANSWER: Service Wire has complete manufacturing, distribution and sales locations in Culloden, WV; Houston, TX; and Phoenix, AZ. These strategic locations allow us to provide 1-2 day delivery to most locations nationwide.

Question Posted: January 12th, 2018

What was the first product sold by Service Wire?

ANSWER: Twisted Cable (later branded ServicePlex®) was the first product sold by Service Wire, and remains one of our most popular products to this day. A labor-saving alternative to parallel or compartmental reels, ServicePlex® twists multiple single conductors together, to pull like a single cable.
Find out more about ServicePlex® >>

Question Posted: January 5th, 2018

When did Service Wire's Phoenix office open?

ANSWER: Service Wire began Phoenix operations in 1999, allowing us to better serve 13 western states. Our Phoenix facility was key in expanding our product line to serve the Pump and Irrigation markets as well as the Alternative Energy market which was emerging at the time.



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