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Service Wire Co. Recognized for Marketing Excellence

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Best of the Best | Brand Awareness Winner




CULLODEN, W.Va., July 7, 2021 - Service Wire Co. has been named a “Best of the Best” winner in the annual marketing competition sponsored by tED Magazine. The company won a marketing award in the brand awareness category and received an honorable mention for their COVID-19 public relations efforts.

“We are honored to be recognized among this year’s winners,” said Mary Brown, Marketing Manager. “It’s incredibly rewarding to be part of the NAED’s marketing community and the evolution of marketing in the electrical industry.”

Service Wire won top prize in the brand awareness category for their 2020-2021 customer survey campaign. The company wanted to define “best in class” industry standards and map the company’s trajectory for success. The goal was to develop and execute a customer survey benchmarking Service Wire’s current position in the market. The results from the survey were then used to promote Service Wire’s strengths: quality, safety, technology, and leading service.

“In addition to identifying our strengths and opportunities, we were able to raise money for a worthy, brand-centric cause,” explained Brown. “For every entry, Service Wire donated $5 to Operation Gratitude, a non-profit organization committed to supporting local veterans and their families.”

The company also received an honorable mention in the public relations corporate category for their “Be Wise & Sanitize” campaign.

“During the height of COVID-19, many companies had to implement new policies and procedures to keep their employees and customers safe,” explained Brown. “We wanted to find a way to communicate our company’s commitment to safety through friendly tips and reminders.”

The campaign included regular safety tips shared on social media, blurbs in the company newsletter, and customer emails sent in the weeks leading up to holidays.