Primed for Canada

Our growing list of C(UL) rated products are designed to meet the stringent Canadian and US standards our customers need. We maintain large inventories and have complete cutting capabilities, allowing for same-day shipment and 24-Hour Emergency Service. Contact a representative today for more information about our Canadian wire and cable products.


Few other metals can reach the same electrical conductivity as copper, making it the optimal conductor in Service Wire cable constructions. Bare copper is typically used for electrical grounding systems and insulators for overhead transmission. Soft, medium-hard, or hard drawn solid or stranded copper is available #16 AWG through 1000 Kcmil.


Our RW90 is made of crosslink, thermoset (XLPE) insulation and does not require pulling lubricant during installation. Available in #14 AWG through 1000 Kcmil, 600V/1kV copper, FT-1, tinned or non-tinned in wide range of industry standard colours with overall PVC, ServiceCPE®, or EnviroPlus® (LSZH) jacket.


RWU90 with XLPE insulation is available in 1,000/2,000 volt copper, CT Rated, #14 AWG through 750 Kcmil. Suitable for use for wiring in raceways and conduit for residential, industrial, and commercial applications and in photovoltaic systems. 


An assembly of Service Wire single conductors twisted together to create a consistent, uniform construction, ServicePlex® is available in #14 AWG through 750 Kcmil RW90, RW90 1kV, and RWU90 with striped or colored conductors for easy phase identification.


Our line of Teck90 designed cable combines aluminum interlocked armor with an inner and outer jacket to deliver a rugged, compact, and flexible cable that resists corrosion, water, and mechanical abuse. Available in #14 AWG through 750 Kcmil RW90 or RWU90.


Our tray cable meets CSA Tray Cable (TC-ER) specifications. Available in RW90, RW90 1kV, or RWU90 with 1kV/2kV conductors, tinned or non-tinned, shielded or non-shielded, with overall PVC, ServiceCPE®, or EnviroPlus® (LSZH) jacket.


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