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Automotive manufacturing facility



PROJECT: Automotive Manufacturer


Keeping pace with the automotive industry is no easy task. It takes cable with industrial strength to meet the demands of this ever-changing environment.

The tray cable commonly used to distribute medium-voltage power isn’t always tough enough for automotive applications. A major automotive company building a greenfield manufacturing facility in West Virginia needed something stronger—interlocked armor.

This metal-clad (MC) cable is made of interlocked aluminum or galvanized steel, forming a distinctive "s-shape lock" of alternating ridges and grooves. This type of armor provides all of the required protection for rigid industrial applications without the need for conduit. Unlike continuously corrugated weld (CCW) armor, interlocked armor can be bent without puncturing the metal or damaging the inner conductors. It is also flexible enough for open air tray installations.

Full speed ahead, Service Wire’s 15kV jacketed interlocked armor was used to distribute power from the outside substation. The cable was run overhead in tray and dropped directly into the motor control center without conduit. From the motor control center, 600V jacketed MC was used to power all VFD drives and motors in the plant.

For its flexibility and mechanical protection, using jacketed interlocked armor in cable tray systems has proved to be the right choice for automotive manufacturing facilities. Since completing this job, the automotive manufacturer has specified Service Wire products and used them to build and maintain additional plants across the country.

From jacketed armor and tray cable to ServicePro-X®, ServicePlex®, and ServiceDrive®, Service Wire has many fine-tuned solutions for the automotive industry.


Its flexibility and mechanical protection make jacketed interlocked armor an ideal choice for cable tray systems in automotive manufacturing facilities.




133% Jacketed EPR
  • 15kV Volt Copper



  • 600 Volt Copper








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