Company History

Founded in 1968, Service Wire has grown into a leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial grade wire and related products, enjoying continued growth through the years. The drivers of our growth have been: our commitment to exceptional customer service, and superior products made in the US.

  • Three modern factories producing a broad range of single and multi-conductor products
  • Forty years of field tested products at major industrial sites across the United States
  • Special production runs are made in short lead times, and for low minimum footage quantities
  • Our distribution warehouses specialize in same day shipments of wire cut to the lengths you require
  • Our emergency service is available around the clock, 365 days a year
In order to meet the needs of our national and international markets, Service Wire has established several strategically located manufacturing, factory warehouse and sales facilities:
  • Culloden, West Virginia
  • Houston, Texas
  • Phoenix, Arizona

Continuing our leadership in the introduction of new products to support industry, we introduced Enviroplus in 1998 - a complete selection of single and multiconductor wire featuring low smoke, zero halogen, and lead free features .

Our commitment to service, quality and meeting the exacting and complex needs of the industries we support, has enabled us to achieve steady growth and a strong customer base. Throughout our history, we have continued to produce high quality “Made in the US” products, serve our customers’ complex and challenging needs, and to search for new opportunities.

Contact Us:
Service Wire Company Corporate Offices  |  310 Davis Road  |  Culloden, WV 25510
Culloden, WV - 800.624.3572  |  Houston, TX - 800.231.9473  |  Phoenix, AZ - 877.623.9473
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